CALCULATE when possible


As you start getting more comfortable with DAX, you’ll quickly discover that there are multiple ways to skin a cat. In this quick tip, I’m going to try and explain how calculate with filtering works, and more generally, how to use calculate when possible. Let’s jump straight in with an example. What if you wanted to, for example, sum the amount of sales where the amount was greater than one? We could do something like this: Measure = SUMX (

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The DateTime Data Type – Power BI Quick Tips

datetime data type

I thought I’d put together a short series of posts with some quick and simple tips that we can all adhere to. The aim is to help us improve our DAX queries and the general speed of our Power BI and/or SSAS tabular models. In this first tip, I’d like to talk about the use of the datetime data type in your tabular and Power BI models. Before we get to the tip itself, I’d like to talk about how

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